Fall Semester 2023

The fall semester was very busy at Baptist Campus Ministries at Jacksonville State University! From weekly worship nights to fun Thursday events, our schedule was packed. The Leadership Team worked diligently throughout the semester to prepare for Gary Brittain's retirement in December 2023. They planned many events like Disney karaoke night, a campus-wide scavenger hunt, and both  a Halloween and Christmas party, which were all successful. From prayer walks to next-generation leadership, this fall semester impacted many students. We went on a mission trip, we hosted a night of worship in front of the TMB lawn, and prayed that students would come to Christ and dedicate their lives to Him. In the spring, we plan to build on the momentum we had in the fall and help grow this group even more. We know God has great plans in store for the BCM, and we hope that you pray with us that we can see lost students saved, saved students discipled, and discipled students sent.

Fall SPOTS Trip

During fall break, a group of ten students traveled to Phoenix, AZ to serve at Salt River Community Church and the surrounding area. This group was able to serve and witness to students at Arizona State University, which was only about a five-minute car ride from the church. Going on this trip impacted several students in many ways. John Heston, a freshman, realized the calling on his life to be a missionary for Christ. Other students were impacted by seeing God's beautiful creation and witnessing for Christ at the biggest college campus in the U.S. Overall, the group encouraged the pastor, his wife, and the church as young adults and their passion for Christ.

Night of Worship

On October 17th, Skyward Worship and JSU BCM co-hosted a worship night on the Theron Montgomery Building lawn, facing Pelham Road. We planned this event for about a month in advance and advertised it heavily: we gave out tickets and pop-tarts, hung up posters, and invited our friends. There was a fantastic turnout, and it was a beautiful experience watching college students worshipping our Lord in a public place like that. Skyward Worship played many songs and led us effectively to truly worship, and Malachi Cole, pastor of Banner Church, gave a powerful message. Students were moved by that night and it re-lit a passion to share Christ inside of many. 

Gary's Retirement

After 33 years of faithfulness and dedication to his role of JSU BCM campus minister, Gary Brittain retired in December of 2023. After dealing with college students for that long, you would think that he would have pulled out all his hair. Well, good news, he didn't! Gary impacted hundreds of students during his time at JSU. One student admitted that she wouldn't have been involved in so much at BCM if it wasn't for Gary encouraging her to sign up for leadership team. Another student stated that if it wasn't for Gary, he wouldn't know nearly as much about the Bible. We thank Gary from the bottom of our hearts for all that he has done for us, and we wish him a happy retirement! We love you and we will miss you!