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IMB Students

Hands On
Hands On positions are up on the website! Please check out our website as we continue to add more opportunities.

As a reminder: Hands On is our partially subsidized semester program for Southern Baptist college students for 1-2 semesters.
Journeyman Jobs
Dr. Paul Chitwood has announced that there is no cap on the number of Journeyment the IMB will appoint. This is great! They are hiring.

As a reminder: Journeyman is the 2 year, fully funded (with benefits) job position with IMB. You receive training, are part of a team, and get to pick from 100s of job opportunities to find your fit. You can be single or married (with no kids), Must be a member of a Southern Baptist church, be at least 21, and under 29 years old. You do NOT have to have a four-year degree now!

Summer 2023  -  Let’s get ready!!!

Look online for positions through IMB at:     But, to apply, start at